Flower Teepee Topper - Blue Round Flower Garland


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Decorate your Teepee with a handmade blue flower teepee topper. Tie it around the teepee with the blue flower in the front and let the leaves drape on the side. You can also use it as a decor for your play-space or tie this flower topper on a house-bed or play stand.

The felt flower is made from the wet felt technique, giving this floral topper an organic and handmade feel. Each felt flower topper is individually hand-felted so there may be slight difference in the colour. 

Product Details

  • Ethically hand-felted from 100% New Zealand wool
  • Coloured with azo-free dye, safe for children and pets
  • Length: 170cm (1.7m)
  • Diameter of Flower: 16cm
  • Weight: 90g